All roads lead to Rome

“Ermine Street Roman Road”

So this is what a Roman road looks like?  “What have the Romans ever done for us?” seems like a very reasonable question just now.  Ermine Street Roman Road, as Google Maps calls it, is a muddy and wet dirt track between two fields.

Where it’s not rutted so deep that you couldn’t possibly pedal along it, it’s either knee high in grass, or a light brown quagmire.  The quagmire of course is because the rain has been intermittently spectacular today.

At least where there are real, non-Roman, roads, they’re pretty flat.  That’s a big difference from the roads nearer home in Cumbria.  There’s another big difference – here among seriously big and productive arable fields, there are no insects.  The wraparound glasses I’ve been wearing are redundant here.

I arrived at Grimsthorpe Castle soaked, and freezing.  I was due to play in a marquee next to the tea tent, but the marquee has blown down and been destroyed.  So would I mind playing in the tea tent itself?

Grimsthorpe gave me a panini to take away for my tea because, they said, the only pub in Edenham shut down last week.

I’m staying at the Vicarage – surely one of rather few remaining real Vicarages occupied by real Vicars – and playing at Edenham church.  It’s partly a fund-raiser for their Christmas dinner charity.  I like that degree of forward planning.

Edenham Church

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