Shout-out for Readers

Lots of people said I need to get on and write the Highway Cello book. So I got on and wrote it.

The first draft, and first edit, are complete. (That’s not a real book cover you can see there, sorry).

I suppose now the real work starts – it’s a complicated process to get from here to a finished book in a bookshop.

So I’m looking for a few volunteers. It’s very hard to judge the worth of what we’ve written ourselves. The publishing industry calls them – I don’t know why – “beta readers”. A few people who will read the draft, and give critical feedback.

Would you like to do that for Highway Cello? I would be very grateful for a few volunteers. And you’d get your name in the book!!!

The only rule is you have to promise to give properly honest feedback – what worked, what didn’t work, did it make sense, did you want to turn the page or would you rather have put it down. Is the tone right – is it too serious, flippant, complicated, simplistic, episodic, discursive, ordinary, unbelievable, etc, etc. Did you cry? Did you laugh?

If you would like to help in this way – and get first sight of it all – please leave a comment, or send me an email.


20 thoughts on “Shout-out for Readers”

  1. Hi Kenneth

    We met at your concert in Mayfield.

    I’d be happy to be a reader – am an experienced editor and loved your account
    but can apply constructive critical skills. Do count me in!
    Christine Roberts

  2. I honestly am interested in the whole project. However criticizing something I know so little about, the writing process, it is in everybody’s best interest for me to just anticipate the final book.

  3. Hi Kenny,
    If I can be of help, I will.
    I love storytelling.
    I’m also a critical reader and have some experience editing.

  4. Dear Kenneth,
    I love you too much to give you my critical comments, which of course I would make plenty of and keep to myself. Seventy years on the earth have taught me this much… I am so impressed that you already have a draft, and look forward to reading it!

    Granny Sally

  5. Oh Ken, how delightful that you have a rough draft already. I wish I were a critical writer but am not, so will look forward to the book when it is ready.

  6. I will gladly give it a go with brutally honest praise and gentle questioning of the bits that toss me off.
    I am by no means an editor but when a turn of phrase hits a speed bump I can take notice of that for you.
    Bob Morrow

  7. It’s brilliant to see the project taking shape and as I’m looking forward to seeing the finished book in our local book shop. If you find you need anther reader I am happy to give honest and considered critical feedback.

  8. Thank you everyone! I never expected quite such a generous response. I’ve now got a lovely long list of “beta readers” (I’m still trying to find out why they’re called that). So now I’m anxiously waiting for the feedback, and then we’ll decide where to go from here.
    Watch this space!

  9. Hi Kenneth,
    I’ve recently completed the Via Francigena and the independent publishing journey too. I found York Publishing Services very honest, helpful and good value. My book “Walking on Holy Ground: a Pilgrimage on the Via Francigena and the Western Front from London to Laon” is in their on-line bookshop as well as on Amazon. Good luck with your project!

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