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Highway Cello CD

Highway Cello is my choice of music to play on my bike ride from Hadrian’s Wall to Rome.  Join me as I perform this (mostly) gentle music for the road, wherever I happen to stop – in town and village square, in castle and cathedral, down by the Salley Gardens, or crossing the high Alps.

The CD is available for £9.95 with free P&P

Note:  You can buy the album, or individual tracks, as a digital download, from

The Definitions of Kitchen Verbs

“Kenneth Wilson writes poetry that gets to the heart of our human nature and relationships, inspiring us to journey with him on an exploration of life’s loves and endings.

The Definitions of Kitchen Verbs is Kenneth Wilson’s first published collection of poetry. It’s sub-titled “Tales of Love and Ending”, and traces a journey from first falling in love, to a rather messy ending.

Available in paperback for £9.95 with free P&P.

Here’s one of the poems from the book:
Happily Ever After

He was the slam of my door,
The short of my fuse,
The sting at my tail,
And the flash to my point.

He was the spectre at my feast,
The cuckoo to my nest,
The snake in my grass –
The arse at my elbow.

He was the mote in my eye,
The plastic in my ocean,
The storm in my tea-cup,
The dark night in my soul.

But you – you are the Dark Knight of my shining,
The swell of my ocean,
The ginger in my tea,
And the tonic of my gin.

You are the leaves on my tree,
The apple in my eye;
You are the snow, and the beau, of my ball,
The feather to my nest.

You are the dew to my grass,
And the salve to my sore,
The moat to my castle,
And the beam to my face.

You are the lead to my pencil,
The ink to my well,

The truss to my roof,
And the thrust to my play,
The flash to my quick,
The tingle to my skin,
The short of my breath,
And the slam of my dunk.

You are my fairytale ending,
The happily of my ever after.

Orange Dust: Journeys After the Buddha.

“Kenneth Wilson is a pilgrim in the true meaning of the word. This book is a heart-warming story of many spiritual journeys, inner as well as outer, and will engage the hearts and minds of all spiritual seekers. The book lucidly and explicitly shows that life itself is a pilgrimage, a sacred journey, physically as well as metaphorically.
Satish Kumar, Editor, Resurgence Magazine

This inspirational, uplifting book.”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Orange Dust: Journeys After the Buddha is a distillation of Kenneth Wilson’s many years of guiding spiritual journeys in India and Nepal. Visiting the important places of Buddhist pilgrimage he unfolds the stories and teachings of the Buddha, in a very modern context, and reflects on the Buddha themes of birth, enlightenment, death and emptiness.

Available in paperback for £9.95 with free P&P.

Two and a half thousand years ago, a minor prince was born somewhere near what is now the border of India and Nepal. Siddhartha Gautama, as he was born, became better known as the Buddha, the Awakened One. For more than a millennium, the Way that he taught was followed by many in India. Magnificent Buddhist civilisations flourished, and great monuments, including a world famous university of ten thousand monks, were built. Then it all died out, the civilisations were usurped, and their monuments returned to the jungle.

In the last two centuries, however, these monuments have begun to creep out of the jungle again, and allow themselves to be rediscovered…”

Extract from the Introduction to Orange Dust: Journeys After the Buddha.

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