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Playing my cello in Canterbury Cathedral

Did you think I’d ridden my bike to the end of the earth and fallen off? Well I haven’t quite – I just thought I didn’t really have anything much to say.But perhaps I have. I’ve been busy since I last posted – nine months ago! The book tour that I talked about then has […]

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It’s here! The Highway Cello book is now available. It felt to me as though it was a slow process – a long time coming. But they tell me publishing is never quick. Actually I’m supposed to tell you this is a pre-publication offer. There’s a formal, real, publication date in May. But for you,

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What’s next?

One of the great things about being home is that you can get back to proper practice – lots of scales – which I wasn’t able to do when I was away. So I’ve been back in the UK about ten days.  I had two nights at home, and then went off down to Malvern and Gloucester, for

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Farewell to Rome

According to the screen we are travelling at 249kph, which I calculate is 155mph, about twelve times as fast as I would normally go on a bike, and in a much straighter line.  The seat is very comfortable, and the air is conditioned. I can give my full attention to the view, without worrying about

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Taking Rome by storm

“Is this the first time you play at the Pantheon?”  The question was aggressive.  The questioner wasn’t wearing a uniform, but he had a large Polizia badge hanging round his neck, and resting on a very authoritatively sized stomach.  The badge was not much below my eyeline when I stood up. I didn’t have time

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27 miles from Rome

It’s 27 miles to Rome.  If the weather had been different – which I think it sometimes must be, unless all these roadsigns warning of snow are someone’s idea of a joke – I would just have pedalled on, and reached Rome a bit later today. It wasn’t quite so hot today.  But one of

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