These are some of my favourite tracks

Aisling An Óigfhir (The Young Man’s Dream)

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Song of the Birds

The Swan


You can watch my performances on YouTube. Here are a few!


Reading some of my poems

In Sally’s Garden

Mairi’s Wedding

Happily Ever After

The Refugees

Live Performances

Kenneth reading poetry outside in Malvern

Music needs a live audience. And sometimes you just can’t do what you want to do unless there’s live music. In a cathedral, or a village hall, at a picnic – or making a marriage proposal on the top of Blencathra, for instance.

As well as a traditional cello, I’ve got one that’s carbon fibre, which just loves to be played in the open air, and especially when the sun’s shining. So if you want an outdoor cellist – for that marriage proposal, say – call me on 07968 379919.

The other kind of performance I really like is a House Concert. Even a small living room will usually accommodate ten people, if you adjust the furniture a bit and some of the audience don’t mind sitting on cushions on the floor. If you’ve got a big house you might fit twenty, or even thirty.

And the performer and the audience are right up close. It’s an intimate and friendly experience. So if you want a House Concert – call me on 07968 379919.

Here’s a handy how-to guide, if you’re interested in hosting a House Concert.

Gabriel, my angel,
read the job description –
on a cloud (they’re all
numbered) with a harp.
Yes, a bloody harp.
No, there is no summer
holiday, read the
contract. Does the meaning
of “eternity”
elude your subtle mind?

Harp. H.A.R.P.
Why? Read the contract
please: Happy. Alpha.
Romeo. Paradise.
Not that devil’s OBOE.
No. Don’t even ask, you
can’t play God’s own CELLO!

Gabriel’s Oboe, by Kenneth Wilson

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