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Kenneth Wilson travels from Hadrian’s Wall to Rome on a bike and with a cello.

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What people have said about Highway Cello

“Highway Cello is an absolute charmer of a travel book – a personal journey that’ll keep you hooked until the very last page.” Christi Daugherty, author of The Echo Killing and Night School.

“Original and engrossing, Kenneth Wilson has produced the most unique travel book of the year. You’ll be glad you went along for the ride.” Jack Jewers, author of The Lost Diary of Samuel Pepys.

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3 reviews for Highway Cello Book

  1. Diane Bryson

    Brave is the word I kept thinking of while reading Highway Cello because this book is full of Kenneth’s fears — how he overcomes them or side-steps them or makes peace with them. There are no missed opportunities here.

    Along the way, Kenneth is funny and playful — “breathtakingly beautiful” landscapes become “it’s actually the climb and the altitude that are doing most of the breath-taking” (p15).

    He also learns that life offers all of us a thousand choices. “…what is the meaning and what are the limits of my ability to decide what I’m going to do next” (p293)? He probes the nature of his choices and seems startled by where a “Yes!” here or there can lead. He ends up deciding that the journey is all there is and that what matters most is intention: “How quickly little plans can grow” (p24).

    Highway Cello finally begs you to ask yourself: What am I not doing that I could be doing? What adventures am I not taking? What risks seem too overwhelming? What fears am I cradling? What excuses am I using?

  2. Bob Morrow

    Highway Cello reads like a warm conversation over a nice cup of tea with your best friend!
    Kenneth cleverly recounts his tale of adventure and busking. Yet the bicycle ride and music are only components to the “work of art” that is his journey.
    Really a fun thought provoking read that will have you chuckling out loud along the way.

  3. Serge Hediger

    This is a true great experience, pushing limits and boundaries, gathering people around music, joy, sharing life experience in a very simple and harmonious way. It has been a real pleasure to welcome Kenneth at my place, organizing and attending a beautiful cello performance in a sunny garden. Thanks so much for your passion!
    I really recommend this book, well written that will allow you to immerse yourself in this great musical road-trip experience!

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